Hi Everyone my name is Sia Meng from Singapore. I brew all sort of things from Pineapple wine, lychee wine, Chinese rice wine, East Malaysian Rice Wine to Amazake.

i would love to learn more about Makgeolli and hopefully start brewing some soon. However there is a problem living in Singapore, our weather is typically warm and humid, brewing temperature is typically above 26oC which makes brewing Makgeolli almost impossible without a chiller or some sort of temperature control.

As such i am looking at alternative like researching into heat tolerance yeast like Kveik and so on. according to papers, kveik is able to brew at high temperature of 28oC to 35oC without giving off flavors. if anyone has successfully tried brewing makgeolli with Kveik yeast, do let me know.

i had ordered 7 strains of different Kveik from different regions, i will also experiment and share my findings here.