Hey there, I just joined this forum after stumbling across the page while browsing online looking for Nuruk. I lived in Korea for a couple of years back in 2010 and really enjoyed the Makgeolli i tried while i was there. I now live in Canada and actually work as a professional brewer and I'm interested to start brewing Makgeolli, first off as a home project, but with an open mind to further options down the road.
The only problem is that I can't seem to find a source of Nuruk anywhere locally in BC. I have tried looking online and my only success was on Amazon.ca where they are charging outrageous prices ($65 for a 1lb bag!). I'm certain that asian supermarkets in other cities would have this product, but there doesn't seem to be anything near me. Does anyone have an online source that they could forward me to, or would anyone in Canada with access to nuruk be willing to accept an e-transfer and send me some?
Many thanks! I'm looking forward to getting started and using all of the wonderful resources that people have been posting here