Seoktangju. My first ever Lavender-Lemon Seoktanju 라벤더 레몬 석탄주. I stated with 500g of freshly wet milled Mepssal. I steamed the mepssal cooled it and added 1250ml of water and 200g of ground Nuruk.The Mitsul was stirred vigorously for the first two days on day three the Mitsul was filtered and the filtrate was placed back into the Hangari. I then added the Deotsal of 1kg of washed, soaked, drained, steamed and cooled Chapssal along with a fresh juicy sliced Lemon and a good handful of dried Lavender and 3/4tsp bread yeast. I stirred this twice a day for two days and sealed the Hangari with plastic film for the remainder of the brewing period, the results are tangy crisp and refreshing Lavender-Lemon scented and flavored Seoktanju. With gratitude to https://takjoo.wordpress brew #9 and youtuber 묘진의 술이야기 Korean Liquor Sommelier #drinkkoreawithme
Wildflower by Na Tae-Joo, You have to look closely to see it’s loveliness, you have to look for a long time to realize that it’s lovable, you too are also like that 🌸