I recently picked up this book which I haven't seen before about using rice nuruk and nuruk salt in cooking.  It contains plenty of recipes with everything from Korean soups to icecream and fusion-style dishes.  The author wrote the book because she describes the use of rice nuruk will increase the savouriness and reduce the need for added seasonings like sea salt, syrups and pastes. 


This is not unusual in Japanese cuisine, where Koji (which is inoculated rice with aspergillus oryzae and is the fermentation starter to make sake) is used in so many other versatile ways.  However from what I've seen, Koji is mostly used as a starter for further fermentation in cuisine and less as a seasoning element. 

Recently in Korea we are seeing the prevalence of 'nuruk jeon' which varies in flavour profile (and the recipe kept quiet by the chefs it seems).  In any case, the door is opening to the world of nuruk and nuruk salt to go beyond just making alcohol and being incorporated in food.  

Has anyone experimented in using nuruk or nuruk salt in their home cooking experiments?