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The heart and soul of sool!  Where to get it?  Different kinds?  Experiments in making it?  Everything and anything about nuruk!

Mark liked 16 days ago
I have a nuruk+yeast vs nuruk-alone Danyangju brew-off going. My nuruk is the HMart-supplied Wang brand. Details in my What's Brewing post (which I can't seem to link....).
Julia commented 13 days ago
I stopped by Gyeongdong market after a meeting recently and discovered it is the only place (that I know of so far!) in Seoul that sells Seongsan nuruk in it's orginal flat cake form. Traditional market nuruk can be a... (More)
Jeff liked 20 days ago
I have two brands of Nuruk available at one of the local H Mart stores. Any findings or opinions about differences between the two? I'm currently using the Wang brand.
Brian updated a month ago
Brian Romasky
Moon and Lion Brewing Founder
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No, because I usually soak the nuruk to make sugok or mulnuruk.

I have when making danyangju, though.