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The heart and soul of sool!  Where to get it?  Different kinds?  Experiments in making it?  Everything and anything about nuruk!

Hi all, First time poster as well. Glad to join the community. In thinking about making my own Nuruk, I was wondering if anyone tried "inoculating" their wheat/flour paddy with store-purchased Nuruk. I noticed that in many Korean documentaries or... (More)
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Joshua wyatt
beginner makgeolli brewer
Hey there, I just joined this forum after stumbling across the page while browsing online looking for Nuruk. I lived in Korea for a couple of years back in 2010 and really enjoyed the Makgeolli i tried while i was... (More)
Julia commented 2 months ago
Do Korean Makgeolli brewers typically make their own Nuruk, or are there suppliers (the way it is here for US beer brewers for malted barley, yeasts, and hops)? Is there a Korean Makgeolli consumer segment that thinks about Nuruk like... (More)
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Straining nuruk

I just ran into the idea of soaking your nuruk for several hours and straining it to eliminate excess wheat particles that could add unwanted flavors to the makgeolli.  ( Is that a common treatment of nuruk?