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Welcome to the Makgeolli Brewer's Hub!  This is the group for all new members to get started.  Introduce yourself by letting us know a bit about you, where you are from and what you are brewing.  Share your profile so that other members can follow you, and don't forget to join other groups with other more specific discussion topics.  Keep the makgeolli brewing conversations flowing!

Janneke liked 14 days ago
Hey Everyone! We are digging our heels in to create a nuruk sourcing resource for international brewers. Below is a Google Form, if you are currently brewing and have a source for nuruk (or don't!), please take a few minutes... (More)
Don liked 2 months ago


Hey Everyone! As this is a new platform there are a few kinks we are still working out. I had changed the notification settings platform-wide without realizing it would mean a full halt on emails! The settings have now been... (More)

Nayan liked 3 days ago
Hello everyone. I’m from Minnesota, USA and occasionally make makgeolli for fun. I like working on all types of fermentation projects. Thanks for letting me be a part of the group and learn from you.
Julia liked 13 days ago
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I add Jigaemi to breads and I also make Biscotti with it. Home made Tempeh started can also be made with it but I haven’t actually had the opportunity to do this as ai have a 2 cup jar full... (More)