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Welcome to the Makgeolli Brewer's Hub!  This is the group for all new members to get started.  Introduce yourself by letting us know a bit about you, where you are from and what you are brewing.  Share your profile so that other members can follow you, and don't forget to join other groups with other more specific discussion topics.  Keep the makgeolli brewing conversations flowing!

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Hey Everyone! As this is a new platform there are a few kinks we are still working out. I had changed the notification settings platform-wide without realizing it would mean a full halt on emails! The settings have now been... (More)

Don liked 10 days ago
Hey there brewers! We have some new members to say hi to, Welcome to the Hub Kent J Wewzow , Sam Paris , Sally Dao, Joshua wyatt, Nic Sage , The Hungry Wolf and Flavio ! Great to have you... (More)
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Some more new members to welcome into the world of Makgeolli brewing! Say hi to David Sampson , Andrey Karailiev, Dan Suh, Stella De Leo and Angelica Temoche :) Let us know what your brewing adventures entail!
Julia commented a month ago
New members to the Hub! Welcome Yong Ha Jeong , Mike and Justin Batch :) Let us know where you are from and what you have brewing!