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Everything from stainless steel to hangari, what are you using and where do you get it from?  Share and ask questions about what you're brewing with!

Janneke replied 2 months ago

Grinding rice

I'm seeing recommendations for grinding your own rice for a Mitsool porridge. I buy ground rice at H Mart currently, but was wondering if standard kitchen equipment like a high-speed blender or food processor works for people. Should you care... (More)

Peter liked 2 months ago
Voted for Hangari

I’ve only ever used a Hangari, I love it because of it’s ability to breathe. I can seal it with an airtight seal while brewing but it still allows for gases to escape through millions of microscope pores.

Llywellyn liked a reply 2 months ago

Hemp cloth for godubap

Newbie topic: it seems one of the basic items for making godubap is a bolt of sturdy hemp cloth to hold the rice in the steamer. This now makes sense to me after two batches using regular cheese cloth, which... (More)

Mark liked 4 months ago
Voted for Glass

I use an old 5L glass storage jar from the glass works in Riihimäki, Finland.