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For discussions on recipes, successes, failures and everything in between for single stage fermentation using 'Godubap'. 

Emily liked 2 months ago
If you haven't already, make sure you read up on the Primer to get a good foundation to making a solid Danyangju!
Flavio liked a reply 7 days ago

Fermentation Times for Danyangju

Easily one of the most common questions that come up time and time again, is 'When do I filter?'. For us, filtering is a very personal choice and it really depends on what kind of result you're looking for. Early... (More)

Peter liked 2 months ago
Time to share my first Danyangju results. It fermented for 9 days in a onggi using a halved version of the Susubori primer because I wasn't sure if my onggi could accommodate the whole recipe. The ambient temperature was about... (More)
Julia commented 2 months ago
Nayan Gowda
Winemaker with a Makgeolli problem
Something that I have just seen mentioned again the FB group that I take as gospel, but have often wondered about. Why does using more water make the resulting brew more sour; while using less make it sweeter? I cannot... (More)