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Baking / Cooking / Soaps
Baking / Cooking / Soaps
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This group is for the creative uses for makgeolli, jigaemi and nuruk.  Whether it be breads and baked goods, additional non-alcoholic beverages or cleaning products like soap, let your creativity run free!

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Cooking with Nuruk

I recently picked up this book which I haven't seen before about using rice nuruk and nuruk salt in cooking. It contains plenty of recipes with everything from Korean soups to icecream and fusion-style dishes. The author wrote the book... (More)

Julia commented 3 months ago
Here's something you don't see everyday... Dishwashing liquid made with nuruk! I've certainly seen homebrewers make soaps out of makgeolli or jigaemi, but I've never seen a commercial company make this kind of product. The idea is that the enzymes... (More)