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Welcome to the Makgeolli Brewers Hub by The Sool Company! Join our networking community of Korean traditional alcohol brewers from all over the world and join the conversation!

Welcome to the Makgeolli Brewer's Hub by The Sool Company

If you're new to the community, we recommend getting started with the following steps!

       1.   Update Your Profile:  You can now update a personalized brewer's profile!  Tell us a bit about your makgeolli brewing life, upload a cover and profile photo, and don't forget to link any blog or social media so that other members can follow you.

       2.   Join a Group:  We recommend at first joining the All Members group, and then feel free to join any other group that you might be interested in.  The groups are designed to focus on topics of specific interest related to makgeolli brewing, so join as  many as you like!  Want to make a group that doesn't exist yet?  Let us know and we will set it up! 

     3.   Introduce Yourself:  This community is all about getting to know each other, so don't forget to say hi!  Drop a line in the  New Members group and let us know where you're from.  

    4.    Follow Other Brewers:  You will have a newsfeed that shows activity from groups you are a member of, but also activity from other brewers that you follow. Be sure to visit other members profiles and follow them to see their news and activity more regularly.  

   5.   Get Posting!  There are lots of features of how to post.  You can ask questions with set answers, make a poll, add photos or links to outside posts, add videos, or just a simple text post.  Just make sure that if you are looking for specific information, or sharing particularly relevant information to a group, that you are posting in that group!  The more you post,comment or interact with posts, the more your engagement activity reputation will increase.

   6.  Notifications:  In order not to flood your inbox with notification emails, make sure to visit your own account settings and select what emails you will receive.  As this is not an app, emails will be the primary notification, so if you don't want to get a lot of emails just make sure you pop in and check out the activity regularly. 

7.   Keep on Brewing!!


Jacob liked 23 days ago
This brewery is really pushing the boundaries when it comes to infusions. It's a one-woman show and she is very dedicated to the fermentation process, and not scared at all to try interesting flavour combinations! For me, I really enjoy... (More)
Valentin replied 5 days ago

Fermentation Times for Danyangju

Easily one of the most common questions that come up time and time again, is 'When do I filter?'. For us, filtering is a very personal choice and it really depends on what kind of result you're looking for. Early... (More)

I secretly judge people by the way they mix the makgeoli before opening the bottle.